Развлекательные и веселые места

Вы можете просмотреть лучшие места в городе

ProKart Racing

Is a national Kuwaiti car and motorcycle club. It was one of the founders of the Arab Motorcycle Federation. It participated in the first Arab motorcycle championship which was held in Egypt in May 2009 and won second place. The club is headed by Sheikh Ahmad Al-Daoud Al-Sabah.

Kuwait Riding Center

The Kuwait Equestrian Center was established in February 1996 with 20 knights and 21 horsepower. He moved to his current location on Sixth Ring Road in April 2001 and now has more than 500 knights and knights and more than 120 horses. This thriving center provides both new and experienced cavalry with the opportunity to learn more about horses and equestrian with experienced in...


Cinescape 360 has become the largest cinema in terms of multi-Kuwait theaters in 2009, and a total of 2,687 seats spread over 15 lounge, making it a magnet for entrepreneurs in the region point where that among Saladtha two showrooms (VIP) is equipped with the latest his film industry and accommodate each for 48 seats, in addition to the lounge, "IMAX" digital. Cinescape 360 wi...

Bowling'36O Mall

Bowling Hall at 360 Mall

Sabah Al-Salem walkway

Salem Mohammed Tahous walkway Nasser bin Tahous Street for families and individuals to practice walking outdoors and there are games for children

La mode Surra

صالون تجميل للسيدتا

Nailtini nail spa

Nail Care Center and Spa

Kazma SC

Kazma Sports Club, his supporters call him Ambassador to represent Kuwait externally represent Musharraf. It was founded in 1964 and is of the most famous football teams of Kuwait, and has many achievements at the local level and the Gulf. The club is located in Adailiya area in Kuwait City, called the home of the football stadium of friendship and peace and to accommodate abou...

SIRBB Circut

The latest addition to the Museum of Historic, Old and Traditional Cars was inaugurated by the Sarab Race Circuit, which is the first race track in Kuwait, with the support of the Museum and the generous building of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah. Kuwait has a large number of professionals and amateurs, and the ring is the most prominent place to be an addit...

Platinum Health Club

Platinum largest health club and fitness in Kuwait and pool, squash and tennis for youth and children's games and fitness 24 open hours on Friday from 1 pm after Friday prayers and there is a cafe for drinks and healthy food has branches in Kevan and the Middle and Mahboula and Salmiya and tear

Al Rumaithia walkway

It is a walkway and a wonderful park for families. Many people in the area accept it for walking and games and have a children's park


The 325,000 square meter Boulevard in the heart of Salmiya, the first real estate project for Al Salmiya Group for Real Estate Development. With the advent of the first of next October, the Boulevard - Salmiya will have an appointment with its citizens and residents after about 8 years of construction and development. The visitor will enjoy one of the latest tourist attraction...


Cinescape Marina House is the fourth and final presentation in Salmiya area. This cinema equipped with three showrooms opened its doors to the public for the pioneers of 2003 at the Marina complex to serve large numbers of the pioneers in that area, Fmnanhm greater diversity of films and times of performances around the clock, where Salmiya has become a haven for lovers of cine...

Sabah Al Salem Stadium

Sabah Al Salem Stadium, is a football field, a private playground of the Arab Club Kuwaiti, was named in memory of Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. The stadium can accommodate about 15,000 spectators Arabˈarəb